About Robin

I’m an Atlanta, Georgia documentary photographer who likes swimming in the ocean, skiing on mountains, jogging in the city and thinks luxury is defined by a good book, a glass of wine and a hammock.

I’m a mother who feels that everyone needs a little silly in their life and that it doesn’t matter whether people laugh with you or at you – as long as they’re laughing.

I’m a lawyer who loves fiercely, lives honestly, shares openly and cries more than I’d like to admit.

I first held a camera in elementary school and haven’t let go because I believe we all have a history which is worth preserving for future generations, so that people know who we were, what we liked, how we loved.

I do what I do because I feel that every minute with friends and family is worthwhile and that we should remember the little things – not just the momentous events.

I think that labeling a certain day as the best of your life is a disservice to what’s come before and what will come after – it’s the little things every day: the smiles, the hugs, the tears, the wet kisses, the mundane things that taken collectively, make an amazing and wonderful life.

My goal isn’t to make pretty pictures.  I capture family history and document memories – that makes the best pictures of all.

I have great childhood memories that were captured on film:  me trying to steal a kiss from my reluctant brother, riding through the house on a tricycle, or, at 6-months-old, asleep on my headphone-clad dad’s chest.  I hope I can provide the same legacy for my clients.

I document life’s stories and hope I can be a part of yours.