About Portraits

What is documentary photography?

I use photographs to tell the story of a day in your life – whether it’s a random Tuesday in September or the first time your grandparents get to meet their great-granddaughter.  I think that every day is a blessing and holds moments worth preserving.  It’s those moments – the real moments – that I aim to capture.  I will spend time with your family, photographing you and recording life at that moment honestly and genuinely.

You just want to follow us around?  Seriously?  That’s not very interesting, is it?

Do you eat breakfast together?  Ever spend a day at the park?  Play card games around the kitchen table?  Sit in lawn chairs and watch the kids play in the yard?  It might not be interesting to you but I’m willing to bet that in 10 years, you’ll look back on those times and remember those moments the most.  Don’t discount your life or how fleeting each moment is.  Life isn’t a staged, everyone on their best behavior, wearing clothes they only save for special occasions event, why should the photographs you leave for future generations be that way?

Won’t we feel uncomfortable with you following us around? Our house is always a disaster – I don’t want people to see that mess!

I understand that there’s an intimacy involved in letting me into your home and your life. I’m aware of the privilege my clients afford me and respect their home, their lives and their privacy and respect that to the fullest.

I like to spend some time with my clients before the session – getting to know them and helping to put them at ease with me being around.  I find that helps develop a level of comfort and eliminates the awkwardness that comes along with having a photo-snapping stranger in their house.  If there are areas of your home that are off limits or things you’d prefer I not photograph, please tell me and I will be sensitive to those needs.

But I really want a posed picture of us in khaki pants and white shirts – can we fit that in?

I know a number of very talented portrait photographers in the Atlanta area who do excellent work.  If you’d prefer more traditional portraits, I’d be happy to refer you to them.

What is typically involved in a session?

I will work with you to develop a loose schedule but will follow your lead. The beauty of a documentary session is that it doesn’t have to be rushed. We’re not worried about getting a certain shot or creating a certain look – instead, we follow the flow of the day, recording life as it comes along.

What should we wear?

Whatever you’d normally wear.  Honestly.

I generally advise clients against wearing white, matching outfit or loud prints.  Comfort is essential – be sure everyone is in an outfit that makes them feel good, that they can move around in and that, most of all, is something they like.

Can you travel?

I am available for travel both within the US and select international destinations – please contact me for details and pricing.

How far in advance do I need to book my session?

Please plan to book your session at least two months in advance. The last session for holiday orders is the second Saturday in November. All holiday print and product orders must be placed by December 1.

What happens after the session?

Following the session, I will select and color-correct your images and post them in an online gallery for you to share with friends and family. If your package includes digital files or other products, timelines for delivery of those products will be specified in your contract.

Why documentary portraits?

Life is short. Kids grow up, family members leave us and moments are forgotten. Documentary portraiture allows us to capture those memories – to remember where we were, what we felt, where life was when that photograph was taken. My natural style, relaxed sessions and eye for detail will ensure that those special moments are captured and preserved for years to come.

How do I get more information or book a session?

For complete pricing, additional session details, or to book your session please contact me.