About This Website

In July 2010, I started work on a new website: a blog-based website with a spankin’ new portfolio and tons of content.

Then stuff happened in my life.

In August, I made a decision to go back to my legal job.

In September, I got pregnant.

In November we lost our baby and I regained an urge to write.

Somewhere in all of this, I realized that I need to be who I am.  Perhaps I’m a 50-weddings-a-year photographer.  Perhaps I’m a New York Times top-selling writer.  Or, perhaps I’m a corporate lawyer with the best shoe selection you’ve ever seen.  But, right now, I’m a mom, a wife, a photographer and a lawyer all in equal parts.

I thought about throwing a portfolio site back up, leaving it at that and calling it a day but, thing is, that wouldn’t be fair to who I am.

So this website is me – warts and all.

Do I still shoot weddings and documentary portraits? Absolutely. Do I still love it almost as much as I enjoy breathing oxygen?  I’ll claim artistic embellishment and say yes.  Is photography only thing that defines me?  Absolutely not.  (And if you find any photographer who says it is, run. Quickly.)

This website is me.  And that’s all I promise.